Counselling support from Protection Providers

14 May 2020

Counselling support from Protection Providers
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing a rise in anxiety levels linked to money worries. If you have a protection policy, many insurers provide support through access to counsellors via a free care line.

Money worries are hitting an all time high during the coronavirus pandemic as people across the world try to make sense of the impact on their finances. 

The following article from the BBC gives evidence that those suffering the most anxiety are those struggling to pay their bills.

Many life assurance and income protection providers offer a free telephone counselling service to their policyholders. Being able to talk to a trained professional about your anxieties can really help. You don't necessarily need to make a claim to access the service - it can be available from the day your plan starts. The support should be part of your cover and not at an additional cost.

If you are not sure whether your policy offers this, please speak to your adviser. 

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